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  • Origins Olive Branch Dog Chew


    Antos Origins are 100% Natural Dog Chew’s.

    These Olive Wood chews are hand crafted, eco-sustainable, gently harvested, air dried for many months and finally cleaned and cut to size.

    Origins are long lasting, suitable for all dogs including puppies and satisfy a dog’s natural urge to chew. Origins won’t splinter, are low in fat and contain no artificial additives or preservatives.

    • Small Size: 60-100g
    • Medium Size: 100-220g
    • Large Size: 220-450g
  • Lily’s Kitchen Woofbrush Dental Chews (Multipack)


    Woofbrush is a dental chew with a difference. Thanks to its clever spongey texture, this chew gets right down to the gumline to wipe away plaque – and it’s all thanks to natural ingredients.

    Key Features
    • Natural Ingredients
    • Multipack
    • Treat not a chore
    • Spongey texture


  • Forthglade Calming Treats


    These lovingly hand baked heart-shaped treats contain a mix of natural botanicals widely known for their calming properties, including Camomile & lemon balm – which may make them perfect for nervous or anxious dogs.

    Key Features
    • 100% natural
    • Grain free
    • Hand baked
    • Camomile & lemon balm
    • Chicken flavour
    • Heart shaped
  • Animology Paw & Nose Balm


    Paw & Nose by Animology is a complex blend of sweet almond oil, jojoba wax, shea butter, oat oil and vitamin E that moisturises and soothes a dog’s nose and paws.

    Key Features
    • Soothing
    • 100% Vegan
    • Moisturising
  • Vets Kitchen Active Joints Glucosamine Gravy


    Joint supplements for dogs are important, and Vets Kitchen’s Active Joints Supplement is a high strength, veterinary formulation, designed specifically to maintain the long-term health of your dog’s joints.

  • Lily’s Kitchen Woofbrush Dental Chew (Single)


    Woofbrush is the dental chew with a difference. Thanks to its chewy bubbly texture, the Woofbrush reaches the gumline to help fight plaque. Its delicious taste turns teeth cleaning into a joy!

    What’s more, dogs absolutely adore the taste. From extensive feeding trials to the reactions of the office dogs whenever someone opens a packet, we know the Woofbrush is a chew that’s a treat not a chore.

  • Animology Paws & Relax Spray


    Paws & Relax is a soothing aromatherapy dog spray infused with lavender and chamomile to help calm and relax your dog.

    Key Features
    • Can help to calm and de-stress
    • Built in conditioner and pro-vitamin B5 for a healthy coat
    • Infused with a calming scent


  • Antos Natural Antler Dog Chew


    100% Natural Deer Antler

    The Antos Antlers are from Red Deer and Fallow Deer, much of which is from Scottish highland herds. They have simply been cleaned (with no chemicals) and cut to various sizes/weights for dogs to chew on. Sharp points have been removed to make them safe.

    Antler’s are a healthy chew, full of minerals and calcium. They are long lasting, and as they are unprocessed, they should not splinter either. The Antos Antler satisfies a dog’s natural urge to chew, whilst also helping to strengthen and clean teeth.

    There is no odour from antler, and as your dog grinds down the antler over time, there is also very little mess.

    Being a naturally grown chew, no two antlers are the same. Some are a harder dark brown colour whilst others are a softer greyish/white. They also come in various shapes and sizes, keeping your dog interested for longer. Antos’ deer antler chews come from a sustainable, natural resource.

    • Small Size: 50-75g
    • Medium Size: 76-150g
    • Large Size: 151-220g