Lily’s Kitchen Chicken & White Fish Slices Treats for Puppies

Lily’s Kitchen Chicken & White Fish Slices Treats for Puppies


The newest (and furriest) member of the family will fall head over tail for these naturally air dried, delicious treats.

Key Benefits
  • Naturally air dried
  • High value training treats
  • Freshly prepared chicken
  • Maximum flavour
  • Perfect for pockets


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Lily’s Kitchen have created these especially for little mouths and tummies which makes them just the thing for your pup’s training. They’re what the teacher at puppy school calls ‘high value training treats’ which means they’re extra delicious and brilliant for positive reinforcement when training. Even better, they’re resealable for freshness and perfect for popping in your pocket, so you can always be ready to reward your pup for good behaviour.

Made with top notch chicken, white fish and a sprinkle of parsley, these complementary treats are sure to be a hit with your puppy and help them learn everything from ‘paw’ to ‘roll over’.


Up to 8 a day. Always ensure there’s a bowl of fresh water available for your dog. Don’t feed too many treats to your dog to avoid weight gain.


40% British Chicken, 30 % Sustainably sourced White Fish

Potato, Vegetable Glycerol (Derived from Rapeseed Oil), Minerals, Parsley




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