Vets Kitchen Healthy Skin Supplement Gravy

Vets Kitchen Healthy Skin Supplement Gravy


This yummy chicken sauce is ideal for dogs who’s coat like a little TLC. Vets Kitchen’s hypoallergenic, Healthy Skin supplement has been formulated using high quality, natural ingredients, including Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamins A & E and oat groats (a source of Avenanthramides).

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Vet’s Kitchen Healthy Skin supplement is formulated by vets in practice to help dogs maintain healthy skin and a healthy coat. The products ingredients include Omega 3, Oat Groats and Vitamins A and E and is ideal for helping dogs suffering from conditions such as itchy or flaky skin or a dull and lifeless coat.

This supplement contains avenanthramides which are naturally occurring plant chemicals from oat groats. Avenanthramides have been shown to have anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties.

Vet’s Kitchen Healthy Skin active sauce is a complementary pet food which is best fed as part of your dog’s main meal, once a day.

  • 1 x 5ml teaspoonful per 10kg bodyweight per day.
  • For example, a 20kg spaniel would need 2 spoonfuls per day.
  • Fresh drinking water should always be available.

Size: 300ml.


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