Well Being Cat Hamper

Well Being Cat Hamper

The Well Being Cat Hamper is the perfect choice for all felines. Featuring a ZoomGroom® for cat massages and grooming, a catnip kickeroo™ to stimulate playful behaviour,  catnip mist for a quick playful spritz, no rinse shampoo to give your cat a refreshing clean, dental bark sticks to promote dental health and completed little hearts cat treats full of active ingredients and for a post play and groom snack.

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This hamper is the perfect cat gift. Whether it’s for yours or a friend’s cat birthday present, this hamper will cover most areas of a cat’s needs.

Save £5 off RRP by buying all the products in this one hamper!

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  • KONG ZoomGroom®  : The KONG ZoomGroom® for Cats massages and grooms at the same time. The soft, rubber fingers are a magnet for loose hairs. Helps condition skin and reduce hairball formation. The gentle massage action calms cats. RRP : £9.00


  • KONG Kickeroo™ : KONG Kickeroo’s™ long length encourages your cat to kick with hind paws, promoting tons of healthy, full-body activity. Fluffy tail sparks hunting instincts and Kickeroo’s soft material is lovely for snuggling. The crinkling sound keeps kitties interested while the KONG Premium North American Catnip boosts the fun. RRP : £6.00


  • King Catnip Dental Sticks : Promotes dental health. By chewing on the bark the cat naturally flosses their teeth. Can also be used as a play toy as the catnip will stimulate playful behaviour. RRP : £3.99


  • Vet’s Kitchen Little Hearts Cat Treats Salmon : Little Hearts Finest Salmon & Trout treat provide an added bonus to a cat’s diet. These treats have been formulated to provide specific benefits to the health of your cat by using a high percentage of real meat and fish, plus natural active, ingredients including Omega 3 oils to help maintain healthy skin and coat condition, and prebiotics and probiotics to maintain digestive health. RRP : £2.00


  • Animology Glamour Puss No Rinse Cat Shampoo : Glamour Puss is a gentle spray shampoo, which removes dirt and grease from your cat’s fur without the need to rinse. The deodorising spray also contains aloe vera to soothe and protect the skin while built in conditioners leave your cat in great condition. RRP : £5.50


  • King Catnip Mist  : A highly attractive scent that cats love. Naturally encourages play, energetic behaviour and a sense of wellbeing. Ideal for spraying on to your cat’s toys, scratchers or bedding. Catnip is a safe non-toxic addition to promote playful behaviour. RRP : £4.50


  • Pet Hamper Luxury Gift Packaging : Featuring a luxury laminated Pet Hamper gift bag, Pet Hamper Signature chocolate colour tissue paper and finally, your hamper will be hand tied together with grosgrain chocolate brown ribbon. RRP : £4.00


  • Pet Snuggle Blanket Black & White :  Made of super soft comfortable fleece, this lovely, black and white patterned blanket will provide your pet with an insulating layer of warmth and something snuggly to cuddle up to. Machine washable at 30 degrees. Tumble dry on low heat. Dimensions L100 x W70cm. RRP : £5.99


  • Pet Snuggle Blanket Beige & Brown : This blanket is the perfect size to use on the sofa, bed or any place you want to keep clean. Great for when you require a cosy spot for your pet. 100% Polyester and both sides are fleece. L73 x W70cm. RRP : £5.99

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