Birthday Cat Hamper


Get the paw-ty started! This hamper contains a fun bundle of gifts for your kitty to enjoy on their fur-day. Including our best selling catnip bubbles and a kickeroo which sparks hunting instincts. A birthday teddy  an instinct-triggering crackle and a lightweight size that entices batting fun. Saving the best until last – treats! Including tuna and catnip feasties and Scrumbles Crunchy Gnashers.

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What's in the hamper?

  • Luxury Gift Bag

    • A luxury laminated Pet Hamper gift bag.
    • Branded tissue paper.
    • Cotton Herringbone handles.

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  • King Catnip Feasties with Tuna

    These natural, deliciously moreish tuna biscuits have a high meat content and zero artificial ingredients - a treat fit for royalty!

    • Lots of delicious meat and salmon oil
    • Crunchy biscuits to support dental health
    • Contains the finest organic American catnip
    • Zero sugar, low fat & low calorie

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  • KONG® Cat Occasions Birthday Teddy

    KONG Cat Occasions Birthday Teddy makes celebrating easy, inviting kitties to play with an instinct-triggering crackle and a lightweight size that entices batting fun. This toy features two soft targets to encourage and reward capture-and-drag play. KONG Premium North American Catnip that extends the party. Ideal for those sharable social-friendly birthday moments—if you can get the birthday kitty to pause playing and pose.

    • Celebratory balloon crackles sparking hunting instincts
    • Roped toys ideal for capture-and-drag play
    • Lightweight size entices & rewards batting fun

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  • Meaty Bubbles - Catnip

    Made by Meaty Bubbles. This is an interactive game for pet and owner. The catnip bubbles stimulate playful behaviour. Ready to use with included bubble wand or in a bubble machine. Suitable for cats AND dogs!

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  • KONG Kickeroo™ Giraffe Cat Toy

    KONG Kickeroo’s™ long length encourages your cat to kick with hind paws, promoting tons of healthy, full-body activity. Fluffy tail sparks hunting instincts and Kickeroo’s soft material is lovely for snuggling. The crinkling sound keeps kitties interested while the KONG Premium North American Catnip boosts the fun.

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  • Scrumbles Gnashers: Cat & Kitten Dental Treats

    The best dental treat for cats? We think so! Scrumbles have designed these treats with a specially formulated recipe to reduce plaque formation by up to 80%. Baked to a crunch to help tackle teeth that are harder to reach during brushing and scratch off plaque. Made with natural ingredients and our superfood ingredient Slippery Elm for gut health.

    • Natural ingredients
    • Baked in the U.K.
    • Grain free
    • For all cats & kittens, 8 weeks+

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