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Pet Hamper x British Gas Rewards

Pet Hamper x British Gas Rewards

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Looking to spoil your pampered pup? From drying coats and glove towels perfect for winter walks, to cosy blankets to snuggle up to on these winters evenings. A host of winter goodies await.


And who doesn’t love a treat! From Buffalo Chews to help their teeth, to our most popular Barking Bakery Woofins and Pupcorn. No matter what your choice, it’s sure to get that tail wagging.


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With all this extra time we are spending indoors, our pets are becoming ever more important. Whether you are looking to treat your cat or simply get something to keep them entertained and away from the Zoom Calls, there’s plenty to browse in our cat section.


From Sheba Creamy Sticks and Vets Kitchen Little Hearts for that must have treat. To the King Catnip range of toys, dental sticks and even a cat garden to keep you both entertained.


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Creating your own hamper has never been easier or more enjoyable.


Starting with a choice of the signature gift bag or brand new linen sack. Your journey through our site continues, filling your choice of luxurious packaging with all your pampered pets favorite things.


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