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National Dog Day // Friday 26th August 2022

When is National Dog Day?

This year National Dog Day falls on Friday 26th August. Is this not the same date as last year I hear you ask? Why yes it is. Read on to find out what the significance of the date is and what this national day stands for.

Why was National Dog Day established?

National Dog Day is a philanthropic day set up by American author Colleen Paige. The day celebrates all dog breeds, large and small. It also raises  awareness to the plight of animals around the world and a global need to encourage dog adoption where possible. For dogs adopted on this day, the 26th also becomes their birthday!

So why the 26th August you may ask? Well this date is symbolic for Colleen, as it's the date that Colleen's family adopted her first dog "Sheltie" from a local animal shelter when she was just 10 years old.

With the big day approaching we thought it only right to showcase two wonderful charities that are close to our hearts. These charities represent what the big day stands for. These are Hope for Podencos and Dogs for Good.

Hope For Podencos

As we’re starting on an adoption note, let’s start with Hope for Podencos. This is a breed specific Podenco Rescue Centre based in Albacete, Spain. Their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home Podencos of all types. From tiny puppies to golden oldies, the injured and the unwell, they are all welcome. The Podencos can then be adopted in Spain, all over Europe, the USA and Canada. Full back up is available for all adoptions.

You may be asking, why adopt from Spain when there are many dogs awaiting a loving home in the UK? Well although there is mistreatment of dogs all around the world, Spain sees this on a vast scale. The Podencos are a breed used for hunting in Spain since the 17th Century. They were once associated with nobility, protected by law and appeared in noblemens’ wills. Unfortunately the days of respect towards these animals are now long gone. At the end of the hunting season an estimated 60,000 - 80,000 dogs are killed, abandoned or dumped after being considered too old or too slow. For this reason, we believe that if even a portion of these dogs can live out their lives in a happy home, it’s well worth supporting.

You can read more on Hope for Podencos and the adoption options by visiting either their website or Facebook page. A local member of the team in the UK will be able to assist you where required. As a little contribution from us in aid of National Dog Day. If you wish to donate to Hope for Podencos when shopping at Pet Hamper, simply use code HFP10 as your coupon code and 10% of your order will be donated to the charity.

Dogs For Good

Moving on to our next charity, Dogs for Good. This charity represent the other side of National Dog day in celebrating dogs that help us in our everyday lives.

Dogs for Good has been established for over thirty years. They use their knowledge and experience to bring people with disabilities and dogs together, enabling life-changing differences. Through the power of expertly trained dogs, they support people with Autism, physical disabilities, learning disabilities and dementia, empowering they to live independent lives. Now if that doesn’t sum up all that National Dog Day represents, I don’t know what does!

Over the coming months we’ll be showcasing more of the services Dogs for Good offer on our blog. We will also be featuring them in our puppy post all about choosing the right new puppy for you and how to ensure you make the right, informed choice.

For now you can read more about Dogs for Good on their website here. If you wish to donate to Dogs for Good when shopping on Pet Hamper, simply use code DFG10 as your coupon code and 10% of your order will be donated to the charity.

We hope you've all enjoyed reading this post. If you would like to treat your pampered pouch whilst also rewarding one of the above mentioned charities, check out our range of dog products and dog hampers tailored to suit all needs and budgets.

Happy National Dog Day Everyone.

Love Your Pet Day 2022


Love Your Pet Day is yet another national day we’ve inherited from the states. But who doesn’t love a day where we can all unashamedly fill our social feeds full of adorable pet pics! Although we love our pets every day of the year, having a special day to show them off is certainly nothing to complain about.

On February 20th we celebrated National Love Your Pet Day. This is a day to embrace one special trait that makes us human, our love of our pets! According to the PDSA, over 50% of the UK population own a pet. Over 95% of pet owners say that owning a pet makes them feel happy. 87% feel that pet ownership makes them mentally happier. With such a massive impact our furry friends have on our lives, it’s only right that we treat them as part of the family.


The PDSA 2021 Paw Report shows the below estimated populations of pets currently living in the UK:
> 10.7 million pet cats
> 9.6 million pet dogs
> 900,000 pet rabbits

In 2021 there was no significant increase in pet populations, despite 2 million pets being acquired since March 2020. 47% of these new pet owners surveyed say they have never owed that species of pet as an adult.

If you’re thinking of getting a pet, it’s interesting to note that out of the 10,000 people surveyed in an earlier PDSA report, 75% of pet owners estimated a lower amount than the minimum monthly cost for their type of pet. You would also expect a cat to cost less than a dog, however statistics show on average the minimum cost to keep a cat or a dog are both around the same amount per month, so it’s important to make sure this financial commitment is carefully considered before taking on pet ownership and the adorable pup or kitten winning your heart.

If you’d like to read more of the PDSA’S survey you can find it on this link.

Looking to Treat Your Pampered Pooch or Pussy Cat?

If you’re looking to spoil your pet, check out our range of luxury hampers and unique pet products. We have also launched our ‘create your own hamper’ – we know every pet is unique as we are, so this solution lets your customise your hamper to suit your pets exacting needs whilst saving you a trip to the shop, arriving perfectly packaged at your door. We’ll even throw in free delivery when quoting “LYPFREE” at checkout.

If you love pets but don’t have any, you could still get involved by calling by your local RSPCA or pet rescue centre and making a donation of food or treats. You could also look into how to volunteer to spend a little time at your local pet rescue centre walking one of the dogs there or giving a little bit of your time to the cats at the cattery.

We’re based in Preston, Lancashire and here’s a couple of links to our local dog and cat charities / homes who I’m sure would love your support on Love Your Pet Day.

> Homeless Hounds
> RSPCA Preston
> Cats Protection Preston