Earth Animal No-Hide® Salmon Rolls


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Earth Animals Rolls are the original (and still the best) healthy, long-lasting alternative to rawhide. Available in multiple sizes. 2 rolls per pack. Please refer to the size guide on the images.

Why try Earth Animal Rolls?

  • Long lasting dog chew
  • No bleach, synthetics or preservatives
  • Suitable for dogs 6 months+
  • Premium ingredients
  • Sustainably sourced, wholesome, and full of flavour
  • They use only clean, healthy ingredients – the quality you see is the quality you get
  • No expense is spared when it comes to safety. Earth Animal require it from the beginning of the process all the way through each dog’s chewing experience

More Information

Ingredients: Wild-Caught Salmon, Brown Rice Flour, Agar-Agar (a plant-based gelatin), Olive Oil, Eggs, Banana Powder, Pineapple Stem.

Safety: Chewing is a fun and healthy activity that dogs love and rely on for stimulation and enjoyment. As parents, it’s our responsibility to ensure they do it safely. That’s why Earth Animal recommend that pets be given the right size chew and that they are ALWAYS SUPERVISED.

Feeding Guidelines: No Hide® Chews are intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Always supply plenty of fresh water.

“No-Hide” Information: No-Hide is the highest quality alternative to rawhide – you won’t find any bleach, synthetics, or preservatives in Earth Animal chews. Each No-Hide starts with simple ingredients – brown rice flour, agar-agar, eggs, olive oil, banana powder, & pineapple stem. After adding a flavourful protein, they’re baked to perfection. Made in the USA with the Earth’s Finest Ingredients.