Easidri Dog Cooling Coat


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Easidri Cooling coats have been created to make your dogs life a whole lot easier in the hot weather.

Super absorbent, Easidri has a unique cell structure which slowly releases its moisture, cooling your dog for hours. The coat cools as water slowly evaporates, and when it does, it’s super easy to re-hydrate with a bottle of water down the centre of the coat.

The Easidri coat is perfect for use in hot weather to keep your dog cool and comfortable. The coat is re-usable and machine washable, along with be supplied in a handy storage case so it’s always ready for use.

*Polite Notice: If Easidri Coats have been opened and tried on, they are non refundable, unless faulty. Please ensure you measure your dog prior to ordering, using the size guide below. If you are unsure on which size to go for, please contact us*

More Information

FITTING ASSISTANCE – Please see the size guide above on the product images.
You will need to take two measurements (1) From the base of the neck/start of the shoulders, to the base of the tail, (2) From one side of the stomach all the way round (“girth”).
• Our size guide includes the maximum girth size the different coats are suitable for. The girth size is the most important of the two measurements as the wrap-around belly strap should be in contact with your dog’s belly but not too tight that it restricts movement and is uncomfortable.
• The coat should not be so long that it covers your dog’s tail – the effectiveness of the Cooling Coat is not impacted if it is short in the back.
• The Cooling Coat’s belly strap and chest strap use Velcro so they can be adjusted to achieve the perfect fit.
• To be effective, the coat must be kept hydrated so that evaporative cooling can take place.

COOLING COAT STORAGE & CARE TIPS – To keep your Easidri Cooling Coat in tip top condition, it is recommended:
Always storing it slightly damp in the resealable bag it comes in.
• Each time you remove the coat from its packaging and before unfolding it, soak the coat thoroughly in cool water to rehydrate it. This will help avoid tearing any fabric which may have stuck together when it was compressed in storage. Before use, wring out excess water from the coat leaving it slightly damp.
• After every use, rinse thoroughly in Easidri’s Coat & Towel Wash or a weak solution of household disinfectant (not bleach).
• Regularly wash the coat, even if it doesn’t look dirty to keep it clean and fresh. This will prevent bacteria growing and the coat smelling musty. You can machine wash the coat at 30°C with Easidri’s Coat & Towel Wash, a household laundry detergent (bio or non-bio) or Milton Sterilising Fluid. Do not wash with fabric softener or use bleach. Keeping the coat clean and odour free is not detrimental to the coat’s cooling ability.
• Do not allow the coat to dry out. Do not tumble dry and there’s no need to peg it out to dry! If the coat does dry out, soak it thoroughly in cool water to rehydrate it. The cooling coat should always be kept hydrated when being used.

Dogs should always be supervised whilst wearing the coat and we strongly advise you provide access to plenty of fresh drinking water and create a shaded and safe space for them to retreat to. Please never leave dogs alone in cars, especially during warmer weather.