Grooming Dog Hamper

Grooming Dog Hamper


The Grooming Hamper is the perfect choice for prim and proper pooches. Featuring a mild yet deep cleansing shampoo for healthy skin, a vitamin enriched easy-rinse conditioner for shiny coats, a deodorising spray that helps to reduce odour & keep your dog’s coat fresh, a noodle glove for maximum drying and completed with a KONG ZoomGroom™ to use with shampoo’ing.

Pet Hamper loves because…

This hamper is perfect for any pooch who loves bath time, or for owners who wish to keep their dogs coat in tip top condition.

Did you know?

The price of a Pet Hamper is always less than the cost of buying its contents and gift packaging individually.




  • Animology Dogs Body Dog Shampoo : Dogs Body is an all-breed dog shampoo, enriched with vitamins and conditioners. It has a mild yet deep cleaning action that removes dirt and odour. Size : 250ml. RRP : £5.50


  • Animology Top Dog Dog Conditioner : Top Dog is a vitamin enriched easy-rinse conditioner, that de-tangles and replenishes moisture leaving your dog’s coat soft, shiny and healthy. Size : 250ml. RRP : £5.50


  • Animology Stink Bomb Deodorising Dog Spray : Stink Bomb is a vitamin enriched deodorising dog spray that helps to reduce odour & keep your dog’s coat fresh, clean & healthy between washes. Size : 250ml. RRP : £5.50


  • Henry Wag Microfibre Drying Noodle Glove : The advanced microfibre technology in Henry Wag products makes cleaning and drying your pet easier and contributes to a healthier happier pet. This high-quality pet cleaning glove has a fronded side for maximum cleaning and absorption and a woven side to groom the coat. It has a finger grip to reduce slip when in use and a durable inner liner. A simple solution to dirty wet pets. RRP : £7.99


  • Kong Zoomgroom™ Dog Grooming Brush Boysenberry Blue : The KONG ZoomGroom™ helps make it easier to get your dogs clean. While shampooing use the ZoomGroom™ to clean your dogs’ coat. The 3/4 inch rubber fingers reach through the coat to massage the skin, stimulating capillaries and natural oil production leading to a healthy coat for your dog. RRP : £7.99


  • Pet Hamper Luxury Gift Packaging : Featuring a luxury laminated Pet Hamper gift bag, tissue paper colour of your choice and finally, your hamper will be hand tied together with grosgrain chocolate brown ribbon. RRP : £4.00

Additional information

Tissue Paper Colour

Pastel Blue Tissue, Pastel Pink Tissue, Pet Hamper Signature Chocolate Brown Tissue


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