Arran Dog Bakery Popcorn Bites


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Inspired by the moreish crunch of popcorn, these delicious, healthy dog biscuits are made with natural ingredients and have that signature Arran Dog Bakery chomp!

This healthy, vegan dog treat contains nothing but Corn, Oats, Flour and Coconut Oil! Natural goodness.

Handmade on the west coast of Scotland, all ingredients are ethically sourced and the biscuit pouches are made from recyclable materials and they can also be recycled.

Suitable for dogs and puppies 20 weeks+.

Also available in Coconut Crunch & Carrot Cake Cookies

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Ingredients: Sweetcorn, Oats, Flour, Coconut Oil.

Composition: Protein: 11.6%, Oil: 8.2%, Ash: 1.3%, Fibre: 1.5%