Easter Cat Hamper


The Easter Cat Hamper is the perfect gift for your feline this season. For Spring playtime there’s the KONG fuzzy bunny and King Catnip carrot toy. Then for the all important Easter treats we have the Lily’s Kitchen Chicken pillow shaped treats, and a lickimat to spread with their favourite wet food or treat of choice. Make sure your four legged family member doesn’t miss out this Easter.

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What's in the hamper?

  • King Catnip Carrot Toy

    Filled with 100% organic North American catnip. Strong aromatic fragrance and ethically sourced. Contains only the catnip leaf, which is far more attractive to cats than the generic dust that is widely used. Handmade in the UK and the USA.

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  • LickiMat® Classic Felix™ Cat Treat Mat - Green

    Whisker Friendly, enriches feeding preferred by cats. Lickimat Felix is perfect for serving raw food, wet food and delicious treats. Enrich your cats life with a Lickimat. Make every meal as satisfying as feeding on wild caught food. Why not try yours with the LickiMat Salmon Sprinkles?

    • Mimic cats predatory feeding
    • Stimulates saliva to aid digestive health
    • Promotes healthier teeth and gums
    • Whisker friendly (no more stress)
    • Allows crouching while feeding
    • Makes a small meal or treat last longer

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  • Lily's Kitchen Cat Chicken Treats

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