Life Of Riley Doggy DIY Ice Cream Kit – Peanut Butter


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Introducing the UK’s first freeze-at-home ice cream mix for dogs!

Life Of Riley’s ice cream isn’t just delicious, it’s also packed with benefits:

Not only will it delight your furry friend’s taste buds, but it also takes longer to melt than traditional dairy ice cream, providing extended entertainment.

Peanut Butter – blended with peanut butter powder

Preparing it is a breeze—simply add 200ml of water, mix, and freeze.

You can freeze it into ice cube trays, Kongs, or enjoy it straight from the tub.

Get creative with your own toppings!

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Dairy-Free, 100% Natural Ingredients: Nutrient-rich and free from artificial additives and preservatives.
Grain-Free, Wholesome, Hypoallergenic Natural Dog Treats: Expertly formulated and Nutritionist-Approved.
Meticulously Crafted: No added sugar, salt, or any animal-derived products, ensuring a health-conscious choice for your pet.