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PitPat Dog Activity Monitor | Pet Tracker | Fit Tracker

If you’re seeking a way to track your dogs fitness and have ever wondered how many extra miles your dog’s covered in a day when out on walks, this PitPat Dog Activity Monitor may be just what you’re looking for.

PitPat is a fit tracker for your dog, tracking how many minutes in any given day they spend running, walking, playing and of course relaxing. The handy free app shows you everything you need to know about your dogs fitness and you can also log their weight.

If your dog’ s a keen swimmer, you may be worried about it getting wet. Well you don’t have to be, as PitPat is waterproof and dust tight with an IP67 rating.

More Information

PitPat is the UK’s #1 Dog Activity Monitor

Designed with vets and made for dogs. PitPat is a lightweight fit tracker which attaches to your dog’s collar and measures how much walking, running and playing they do each day.

Perfect for every life stage, PitPat helps you get the balance right with an exercise goal tailored to your dog’s breed, age and weight, all of which can be easily monitored in the free app.

Robust, 100% waterproof and designed to withstand any adventure. PitPat is the fun, affordable and intelligent way to create a happy, healthy world for your dog.

How Does the App Work?

The app has been designed with a core goal of being easy to understand and use, with minimal fussing with your phone. Profile set-up takes minutes, then with one click of the PitPat on your dogs collar, all the information is relayed to the app. Once the information is imported, it’s all displayed in one place, on one screen, making it super easy to read and understand.

Technical Specifications

Purpose: Fit Tracker
Dimensions: 34 x 32 x 15mm
Weight: 16 grams
Replaceable battery included: CR2032
Battery life: 1 year +
Radio connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
Attachment mechanism: VELCRO® Brand strap
Ingress protection: IP67 waterproof and dust tight
Design in: Cambridge
Manufactured in: UK
Manufacturer Warranty: Full 12-Months

Download the App:

Download the PitPat app on Apple App Store or get it on Google Play

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